Owen and Kelly’s Wedding List

Owen and Kelly’s Wedding List

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Hi all

Please see below the list of items that Kelly and Owen would like to receive as wedding gifts. If you’re going to sign up for one of them please email me at moneymental@moneymental.co.uk so I can take it off the list.

As with the sustainable theme of the wedding, these don’t have to be brand new items and are perfectly happy to receive second-hand gifts.

1. large frying pan

2.vacuum cleaner.

3. Matching double bedding

4. DAB radio

5. Wine glasses

6. Gardening-plants, etc herbs and spices

7. Memory foam pillows

8. Fabric tablecloths

9. Cellar storage shelves/boxes (damp-resistant)

10. Champagne, wine, spirits

11. Squirrel food

12.. Guineapig toys

13. Boardgames

14. Birdfeeder stand

15. Water feature for a small pond


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