Important announcement – I’m quitting blogging!

Important announcement – I’m quitting blogging!

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Hello money mental readers. Today is perhaps sad news or perhaps good news depending upon your perspective. For a long time now I’ve been struggling with balancing the demands of having a full time job, running an eBay business, running the moneymentaluk website, social media presence and this website.

So eventually something was going to have to give. Today I’ve just got back from attending the blogonuk conference which was excellent and full of many inspirational speakers. But it made me realise that because I aspire to be excellent at everything I do (otherwise what’s the point in me doing it?) that for me to reach the level I need and want to with this blog I’d have to dedicate a lot more time and effort to it. And to be brutally honest I’m just not enjoying blogging anymore. So finding the motivation to give even more time to it just wasn’t going to happen.

So I’ve had a long hard thought about what I want to do in my life that will ultimately a) make me happy and b) give me a sustainable income and I’ve come to the conclusion that these things are firstly continuing to build the moneymentaluk youtube channel. I’m really enjoying making youtube content and interacting with my subscribers so I really want to build up the youtube side of things over the next year so that I can reach even more people. And secondly I’m enjoying reselling and it’s making me a decent level of income (finally!) so expanding the business to make it even more financially successful is vital to my continued endeavors.

So it was some regret, but also a lot of excitement about what the future could bring that I bid you adieu readers.

Many thanks for your support on my journey so far and I look to seeing as many of you as possible on the moneymentaluk channel (which you can subscribe to by clicking here).

Goodbye for now!


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