Money Earning Essentials

Money Earning Essentials

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Whether you’re looking to earn money online or offline there are still some essential ‘tools for the job’ that I’d recommend having. Some of these will require spending some investment but don’t worry you can and will recoup that investment. Don’t worry if you’ve not got the money in place though to buy something straight away. Focus on the money earning opportunities identified through this site that work for you right now with the tools you have at your disposal until you’ve earned enough money to buy what you need.


The first item on the essentials list is a laptop. I know in this day and age there are a lot of people who access the internet via a tablet or their smartphone but there are still a lot of money making opportunities that can only be accessed using a computer. This includes some online surveys which only support input via computer, website testing and transcription jobs. Why a laptop rather than a desktop though? Well for the simple reason that if you’re anything like me you can sit in front of the TV whilst working on your laptop filling out surveys or writing this blog!

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a laptop either. The one I’m writing on came from a company called the IT Zoo  via their ebay store (look for a company selling under the names it-zone-1 and it-zone-2 on ebay. My laptop cost me less than £140 and I’m so happy with it I’m promoting the seller on my website here for free! That being said if you want something new then spending about £300 on ebuyer or in currys should get you a laptop more than powerful enough to cope with everything you throw at it over the next few years. Just make sure that it’s got a built in webcam and a microphone so that you can do website testing. If possible I’d also highly recommend going for a laptop with a Solid State hard drive (SSD) as that will make it absolutely fly. This laptop has an SSD and the difference between it any my old one is immense!


The next item it’s impossible to do without is a smartphone. There are quite a few apps that you can install on your smartphone to earn you money ranging from survey apps, website testing apps, passive earning apps that monitor things like your TV viewing and pay you for sharing that data with marketing companies to task based apps that pay you for things like mystery shopping supermarkets. In the month of writing this article I made over £800 from my smartphone alone, whilst working full time and designing this website!

In terms of which smartphone to get at I used to say that the greatest money earning opportunities come via the Apple I-phone. This is because there was a task based app on here called Task 360 that had made me hundreds and which was only available on IOS. However, Task 360 has now merged with another company called Be My Eye whose app is available on both Android and IOS therefore the choice of smartphone is a lot less restricted!

In order to be able to perform tasks using your smartphone you need a decent camera on it as well as a good amount of memory to store apps and photos on. Thus I recommend on IOS as a minimum an iPhone 5s, although the SE (if you can afford it is superior). Until very recently I used a 5s that I purchased on Ebay for £100 pounds refurbished with a  12 month warranty so that gives you an idea of what to spend. A decent refurbished SE with a similar level of warranty and a 32gb memory is upwards of £170 on Ebay.

If you prefer to use Android then you can’t go far wrong with the Samsung Galaxy S6. A flagship phone in 2015 for Samsung it comes packed with all the features you’ll need for the next couple of years at least. I have just recently purchased a reconditioned one on eBay at auction for the princely sum of £104.02 with 64gb of memory and a 12 month warranty and I love it! However, bargains like these are rare and it’s more likely to cost around the £150-£160 mark for a decent one with a warranty on eBay.


The third item I’d recommend as essential is a printer or more specifically a Multi-function-device (MFD) which incorporates both a printer and as scanner. These can be picked up cheaply in your local currys or on amazon for £30 plus (although I’d recommend researching ink replacement costs on the model you select first so that you get one that isn’t going to cost a fortune to run). I paid for my printer on Amazon by using vouchers I’d earned through doing online surveys so it didn’t cost me a penny. The reason I say that these are essential are because if you’re going to be using your smartphone to perform task based app activities they often include a letter of authority with the task which you need to print out. Just make sure you buy a printer that will accept print requests from your smartphone. If you’re doing what I term as semi-offline activities such as mystery shopping it’s also useful for printing off your shoppers brief and guidelines.


Finally I’d recommend having a healthy supply of pens, paper, notebooks, stamps and envelopes with you at all times as well. You never know what money making opportunities are around the corner and you don’t want to miss out because you didn’t have a pen and paper to write something down or a stamp to post off a form! My car and bedroom often feels like a stationary office but having what I need to hand and not having had to go out to the shops to get it has often been the difference between me being able to pick up a mystery shop or a task based activity at short notice or missing out so don’t repeat my mistakes!


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