Reselling Supplies!

Reselling Supplies!

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It’s been a while since I published on the website as my focus has been solely on building my reselling business and social media community of late! But now I’ve hit a 1000 subscribers on youtube and have launched the money mental reselling group on facebook I thought it was time to return to where it all started and do an update on the moneymental website!

As a reseller one of the questions I most frequently get asked is where do I get my suppliers such as packaging etc from. The answer is very simple. I get my reselling suppliers from Amazon! I get a lot of Amazon vouchers through and so I like to spend most of them on supplies for the business. Finding the right stuff on Amazon though can be a bit of a nightmare as there’s so much of it on there. So below I’ve compiled a list (with links) to my recommended reselling supplies. I also get a small affiliates commission for each purchase I make so if you’re looking to resupply I’d be super grateful if you used the links below. Everything I’ve included below are all products I’ve tried and tested before and now order regularly 🙂 Many thanks! Andrew

My lighting setup for product photos:

My Light / Photo Box:

My Pop Up Backdrop for photos:

Bubble Wrap:

Tape Gun:

100 x D1 Padded Envelopes for shipping DVDs, Games, Etc

50 x F3 padded envelopes (perfect for shipping 2 DVDs/games side by side)

Packing Tape:
36 rolls of brown tape:

36 rolls of clear tape:


Large 21 x 24 polymailers:

12 x 16 polymailers:

17 x 24 polymailers:

Brown Packing Paper:

Black cling film:

Royal Mail Size Guide:

Sticky Label Remover:

Weighing Scales:


Bobble remover:

Shoe shapers:

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