App review – Curious Cat App

App review – Curious Cat App

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New blog – hello readers. Today I thought I’d give you an overview of one of my favourite money-earning apps the Curious Cat!

What is the Curious Cat?

The Curious Cat is a smartphone app which is available on both IOS and Android although not on tablet versions of this operating system. I’ve been using it since mid-2017 and earn on average £20 a month from the app (sometimes a lot more!) so it’s definitely worth installing. If you do download it be careful that you download the right app as there is also a social networking site called curious cat as well which also has an app. If you’re looking to download it on your IOS device you can find a link here and for Android here.

How do you make money from the app?:

There are two main ways that the app can help make you money. The first is by downloading apps (legitimate ones like Amazon from the app store) and giving them a try. This is the hope that you’ll keep hold of the apps and use them but you can normally just delete them as soon as you’ve tried them if they’re not for you!

The second way is through completing online surveys. The app will present you with a series of surveys that you can complete. Each time you open a survey (or an app download for that matter) you get rewarded with a point. As each point equals a penny it’s worth opening some even if you don’t go to complete them!

Using the app: 

A few points to note about the app as follows:

  1. Payment is via PayPal so make sure you have a PayPal to receive payments into!
  2. Some of the surveys that are offered don’t pay very highly – for each survey, you’ll get told how long it’s likely to take to complete and how many points you’ll get for completing it (remember each point equals one penny).
  3. You can only have one task open at a time (i.e. app download or survey). So you have to complete each task/survey before starting another one, otherwise, you’ll lose the progress you’ve made on the previous one. Don’t try and attempt more than one at once!
  4. That being said remember that even if you don’t want to complete a survey because it’s not offering enough money for your time it’s still worth opening the survey up to earn your penny. You can then move on to attempt the next higher paying survey if you want to safe in the knowledge that you’ve earned a penny!
  5. Screenouts are frequent – so don’t get frustrated by that. Just remember that over time this app WILL earn you money.
  6. You can cash out to your Paypal account after earning a 100 points (£1) so it’s possible to earn money quickly!

Making money from the app:

I’ve spoken to a couple of people other than myself who use the app and who make over £50 a month from it. So they’re clearly better users of it than me!

They advise checking the app for surveys every 30 minutes as there are lots throughout the day (obviously if you’re at work this may not be possible!).

Also, they advise that you can make good money from the app by paying attention to the initial screener questions you get asked when first opening a survey. These will give an indication of what the survey is going to focus on so you can manipulate your answers accordingly. Of course, that may result in you being less than honest in the answers you give so I will leave that with you and your conscience to think about!

In conclusion: 

I can recommend this app without hesitation to anyone who’s looking to earn extra money from home. Payouts are very quick, usually taking minutes to reach your PayPal account. It can get annoying when you get screened out of surveys but for something quick and easy to use while filling in a bit of spare time it’s a game changer. So stick with it and enjoy the rewards it offers! If you have any experiences of using the app yourself that you’d like to share with me and the readers of this blog then please feel free to share them in the comments section below 🙂

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