Online Money Earning Opportunities From Home

Online Money Earning Opportunities From Home

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There are a variety of different ways to earn money online without leaving your house. Here I will briefly highlight some of the main areas:


  1. Online surveys.For many these are the mainstay of online earning. Basically companies will pay you to give them feedback on how they’re doing, new product ideas or even what your thoughts and views on their competition are! For anyone looking to earn money online I always suggest starting with surveys because if you can cope with doing the tenth survey in a row about why you chose the broadband provider you did (a clue it’s always because it was the cheapest!) then you’re definitely going to be able to succeed with some of the more lucrative online earning opportunities.  A word of caution though – there are a lot of survey sites out there and many pay peanuts. Here at Money Mental I will only recommend the best paying survey sites. See my blog post about surveys here for some useful links to survey sites
  2. Testing websites.A more lucrative although infrequent money earning opportunity is to test other peoples websites and get paid for it! You need to have a computer with a microphone and a web camera in order to be able to do this (although some user testing opportunities do exist on smartphones and tablets as well). The whole concept of user testing is based around using somebodies website whilst being recorded and giving feedback as you use it on what you like and what you don’t like. Pay starts at £5 for 20 minutes work so it’s worth doing even if the opportunities are infrequent. I would recommend starting with doing surveys from home so that you get comfortable with giving your opinion before moving on to this type of work. Two good examples of user testing websites (which I will be blogging firther about) are and
  3. Paid web search evaluation.Much like testing websites this is a job where you get paid to help make the internet better! Paid web search engine evaluators give feedback to ensure that internet search results are comprehensive, accurate and timely and that they are spam-free and relevant to the searcher’s intent. In essence, they are the human check on the complicated algorithms that search engines run. The pay is above minimum wage and the hours are flexible which makes it an ideal work from home opportunity. There are three main companies offering this type of work ( Appen , Lionbridge and Leapforce ) but the application process can be lengthy and involves doing an exam so I will cover this in more detail in a separate blog post.
  4. Product testing. The idea of this is that you get sent products through the post which you then review and you get to keep the product afterwards! The intent of this is that manufacturers get early feedback on new concepts before they hit the market and they also hope for good reviews which create a bit of a ‘buzz’ around the product as it launches. I often find that some of the surveys I enter through survey sites lead to taking part in one of these product tests and they can provide quite reasonable rewards as well. (for example I recently got £5 to eat pot noodles and fill out a short survey as well as getting the pot noodles themselves!). A note of caution though. I often see websites offering the opportunity to product test the new i-phone or the latest Samsung TV. In my experience these are often attempts to gather information about you to sell to marketing companies and I’ve never actually come across anyone who’s been sent the new i-phone etc through one of these sites. Although if you do find a legitimate site offering this then please let me know! I’d love a new phone.
  5. Get paid to type.I’ve recently come across companies which offer the opportunity to get paid to type up audio transcripts of conversations for large organisations. From the research I’ve done there is the opportunity to earn a reasonable hourly rate (at or about the national living wage for the UK) however you do have to be a proficient touch typist to make a success of this. The good thing is though that touch typing is a skill that you can learn and they do have type tests that you can do before applying so you don’t waste your time going through a lengthy application process only to find that you’ve fallen at the last hurdle. I hope to have a guest blogger write about their experiences at doing this type of work soon so watch this space! In the meantime take note are the company that seems to be the most successful so here’s a link to their website

One online money earning opportunity that is very popular and which people have made a lot of money at is something called Matched Betting. You may see this referenced and recommended on a lot of other sites however it is not something I endorse, particularly if you suffer from mental health or any kind of addiction issues. This is because it involves gambling, which can quickly become addictive and can lead to you throwing large amounts of money on gambling sites without going down the matched betting route as happened to me.

So there’s 5 areas to try your hand at earning money on. As the website develops there will be plenty of opportunities to add to this list. Have you got any you’d like to see on this list? Comment below if you have!

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