App Review- One Pulse App And A Money Mental Update

App Review- One Pulse App And A Money Mental Update

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New blog – Hello all and sorry it’s been so long since my last blog. I will come to the reason why as part of today’s blog which will focus on a review of a wonderful app I use called ‘One Pulse’ as well as updating on all things Money Mental!

So firstly one of my reasons (excuses) for not blogging as much is because I now have a puppy called Barty! Here’s a picture of me and him together for you to admire!

I’ve also decided to move (temporarily) away from launching the money mental clothing business and to focus instead on another avenue of money making known as ‘reselling’. This is essentially where you scour the second-hand market (i.e. charity shops, car boot sales, eBay, facebook marketplace etc) for items that are being sold at a low value buy and then sell them on yourself for a tidy profit. Obviously, it’s a lot harder and more nuanced than I make it sound but I will be doing some vlogs (and blogs!)  on the subject soon so that you can see what I mean.

So that’s the Money Mental update over with. Now let’s focus on the main purpose of today’s review. Today i want to tell you about another one of my favourite apps called One Pulse. Regular Money Mental readers may remember another app I recommended called ‘The Curious Cat’ which you can read about by clicking here. One Pulse is another of my favourite money making apps (which I really must list for a separate blog!).

What is One Pulse? 

One Pulse is an app which you can download on both IOS and Google Play on to your smartphone. Like Curious Cat One Pulse is a survey app. On One Pulse the surveys are called ‘pulses’ and can last from about 10 seconds to just over a minute to complete. The intention is that they’re deliberately designed to be quick to complete to avoid ‘survey fatigue’ which is something all of us who regularly complete surveys online on a regular basis are very familiar with! Once you’ve downloaded the app onto your smartphone you have to create an account using your email address and then select which pulses you’d be interested in receiving according to your own interests (money mental top tip – in order to make sure that you get the most surveys offered to you make sure you sign up for everything!).

How do you make money from the app? 

Once you’ve successfully signed up and selected your interests you’ll be presented with a list of surveys on your screen. 90% of the surveys on One Pulse don’t offer any monetary rewards. Instead, they pay out ‘experience points’ like in a computer game. The idea is that the more experience points you build up the more rewards you’ll get when a paying survey does appear as each paying survey offers a standard reward. (I think 25 cents for level 1 which equates to about 17p per pulse for a few seconds work). As you advance through the levels that reward (on paying surveys increases). However, as it’s only an increase of 1 cent per level my advice is that unless you’re very bored to ignore the non-paying surveys once you’ve got past level 1 or 2. To get paid surveys you need to make sure you have push notifications activated on the one pulse phone app. This means as soon as a paying survey becomes available you’ll get notified straight away (they don’t send out notifications for non-paying surveys so don’t worry about getting bombarded with notifications).

As soon as you get the notification it’s very important that you open up the app and complete the survey as soon as possible. One Pulse pride themselves on delivering speedy responses and so most pulses close after the first 1000 users have completed them. In some cases, this can be a minute or two at most so you need to be as quick as you can!

At this point, you may also notice that the app crashes when you try to open the survey (usually because loads of people have logged in at once!). Don’t panic if it does. All you need to do is close the app and go back into it. The paying survey will always be the top pulse that appears and it will have a $ sign against it to show you that it’s a paid pulse.

Once you’ve completed enough surveys to earn $5 (roughly £3.45) you can then withdraw this money to your PayPal account. If I’m having a good month and am reasonably on top of my notifications I can hit $5 a week quite easily. Normally though it takes me two weeks as other things (like puppies!) take precedence.

Using the app: 

I’m conscious there’s a lot of information in the above so I’ll reiterate my top tips for using the app here!

  1. Don’t worry if the app crashes. Simply close it and come back in again. It will work on the second (or very rarely third) attempt.
  2. Do make sure you have a verified PayPal account connected to the app so that you can get paid.
  3. Once you’re past level 2 ignore the non-paying Pulses unless you’re very bored. You’re giving effort away for little or no reward.
  4. Do make sure you have push notifications enabled so that you get notified when paid pulses are available.
  5. Sign up for every interest group on the app so that you get offered as many pulses as possible.

In Conclusion: 

I highly recommend getting one pulse. I spend literally minutes on it a week and usually get over £12 a month from it. It may not sound like a lot but in the course of a year it adds up to about £150 so not to be sniffed at! And it takes almost no effort at all to use it. So why not join the one pulse community and start earning more money for yourself?

If you want to find out more about One Pulse you can click here to go to their website.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading today’s blog. As always if you’ve got any comments please feel free to share them below. And don’t foret to follow @moneymentaluk on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube for all things Money Mental related!

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