Introductions – the website

Introductions – the website

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Hello dear readers and welcome to Money Mental.

For my first blog post I thought I’d introduce you to myself and of course most importantly the website!

The Website:

MoneyMental (tagline ‘because you care about you’) is focused on supporting people in two camps which are often closely linked but (up until now at least) haven’t had their own specialist community bringing them together into one big (but cosy) camp-site!  The first camp is mental illness and the second is money (or more specifically earning more money!)

Often money worries can lead to mental health problems or those with mental health problems can suddenly find themselves in a position where they suddenly have money problems due to reduced opportunities or being unable to work. I aim to help relieve both money and mental health problems via this website.

Within the site you’ll find my blog where I share hints and tips for earning money, saving money and helping deal with the effects of mental illness.

Hopefully you’ll find it a useful (and entertaining!) read. There’s an ‘essentials’ section which will help set you up with some of the tools you need to make full use of the opportunities made available via the site.

You’ll also find the community hub (forum) where you’ll find lots of information and conversation from me and the opportunity to share your own experiences. I really hope you get involved with this as there’s sections in there to talk about money earning ideas/experiences and sections to discuss your illness, how it affects you and what you do to support yourself so that ultimately we can all support each other 🙂 But don’t feel under any pressure to post yourself. If you’re more comfortable just reading and browsing then please browse away! As well as through my blog I’ll also be relaying my own experiences in the hub as well and am happy to answer any questions you may have 🙂


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