Introductions – Me!

Introductions – Me!

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So I’ll start with my name! I’m Andrew (here’s a nice picture of me for you!)

I’m the owner/proprietor/shop keeper for this particular website. Way back in 2012 I was diagnosed with Severe anxiety and depression and it’s something I’ve been struggling with and beating ever since. At one of my lowest points I found myself with an online gambling addiction as well which led to me chucking away large sums of money (which of course led to my illness growing worse). Coming clean about my addiction really helped me and that’s when I started looking for more healthier ways to earn money and soon got myself into a position where I was earning hundreds a month through less harmful pursuits.

Caring about you:

This led to me a position where I realised that in order to get better I had to start caring about myself first before I could then start caring about supporting and enabling others to do the same. I call this approach caring about you (which is where the tagline for the website came from) or enabling yourself so that you can enable others.  My journey in starting to care about myself made me realise that there are many other people who have suffered in the way I have and so now I want to reach out and help those people as well as anyone else who’s had mental health issues or money problems, or indeed people who are looking to avoid having these problems in the future! I’m calling this my own personal journey of enablement.

So that’s the heavy stuff out the way. Pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea and have a look around the site. Enjoy the community hub and reading the blog posts and feel free to comment on the blog posts and post on the community hub if there’s any improvements/suggestions you have for the site 🙂 And most importantly I wish you all a good journey on your path to enablement!

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