New vlog – how to use the money mental website

New vlog – how to use the money mental website

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New vlog – Hi all. By now (unless you’re new, in which case welcome!) and following on from changes mentioned in the first money mental vlog (which you can find the details of by clicking here ) you’ll have noticed that the appearance of the money mental website has drastically changed in recent days. This is as a result of asking a few trusted people with relevant expertise to undertake a review of the website using the benefit of their experience and wisdom!

As a result of their feedback, alongside that of the money mental community at large, I decided to spend a bit of time under the bonnet of the money mental website tinkering with the engine to make it even slicker and prettier looking! Of course, I realise that for those of you who are used to the old format that it’s a bit of a change and of course it now doesn’t match the corporate branding I’ve put in place across the money mental social media accounts. So to address this I’ve put a couple of measures in place. Firstly over the course of the coming days, I will be redesigning the corporate brand on facebook, twitter and youtube to match the newly refreshed website image (so look out for these changes!).

Secondly, I thought I’d produce a ‘how to’ video which will talk you through the site as it looks now and also to help new users of the site to understand the concept of money mental and get the best from using the site. This how-to video is my first attempt doing one and is acting as a testing bed for the further how to guides I’m working on developing which will focus on completing surveys online using my recommended survey sites! (Although unfortunately due to restrictions placed on the content of individual surveys you will miss the joy of watching me complete a survey from start to finish!). Anyway, without further ado, here is the money mental guide to the money mental website (try saying that quickly!).

P.s. if you have any comments on the video you can scroll down to the bottom of this pace or you can leave some on the money mental youtube channel (and please do subscribe to the channel as well!) by clicking here

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