Money Mental’s First Vlog and Other Changes!

Money Mental’s First Vlog and Other Changes!

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New blog and a vlog!

Hello readers. Today’s blog is all about the money mental website and I’ve some exciting news for you! Money mental is now on youtube! I’ve just posted a video introducing myself and speaking a bit more about the site and its purpose. I’ve also set up a youtube channel that you can subscribe to where all the money mental vlogs will be appearing.

You can find a link to the vlog by clicking here

And you can find a link the money mental youtube channel by clicking here

In other money mental news I’ve now scrapped the money mental community hub as it only had three users and I was the only one who posted on it! After doing lots of analysis it seemed that my blog posts are attracting the biggest interest and so I’ve decided to focus more on the blogging in the future and my newly created youtube channel. So now know not only will you get to read my words but you’ll also get to see and hear me as well!

But don’t worry because you can still engage with the money mental community and me by using the newly revamped comment system. I’ve added a service called disqus following feedback from users. This means it’s now far easier for you to make comments and give feedback on anything you read on money mental using your facebook/twitter accounts. Let me know what you think of the new system by commenting on this post!

Finally money mental has now joined instagram! It’s the first time I’ve personally used instagram so I’m still getting used to it but why not give me a follow? You can find my instagram page by clicking here

So that’s the latest on money mental changes/updates. As I hope you can see it’s been a lot of hard work behind the scenes in money mental towers but hopefully you’ll find it worthwhile. Look out for new blogs and vlogs soon!

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